3D Display

The innovative 3D Display with light field technology offer a unique form of three dimensional imaging. Objects seem to float in front of the screen. The viewer believes he can actually touch objects that supposedly extend up to one meter towards him. The effect is truly fascinating and really grabs the viewer’s attention.


ADRail™ is a high quality, patented film applied to existing escalator handrails that improve attractiveness and cleanliness while serving as outstanding branding tools that can’t be missed!. ADRail is a popular advertising medium in shopping malls, hotels, sports arenas, transit stations and airports.

3D Floor Poster

Our innovative process for the transformation of a 2D layout to 3D space, allows for the display of objects, that seem to stand upright and can be seen even from a distance. 3D advertising on the floor with our unique method for the creation of POS pop-up displays. Floor Graphics advertising in it's most attractive and most effective form.



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Super Cool Media Company in Dubai

RealEyes 3D Displays are large sized advertising spaces, which provide their viewers with a fascinating visual experience. Univision Media is the only distributor of RealEyes 3D displays in MENA Region and Asia.

Objects, landscapes, animals and people all work on 3D Displays, as do writing and logos. But above all, 3D Displays can create exciting spatial effects. There are no limits to 3D!

We are delighted to introduce our brand new product ADRail in UAE. ADRail’s have been used as popular escalator advertising medium around the world. Univision Media is the only distributor of AdRail in the GCC. As a start we are planning to launch ADRail escalator advertisement around the malls and metro stations in Dubai and later on extending it to all the emirates in UAE and GCC.

Escalator handrail advertising has been safely installed in over 2,000 locations worldwide. Our installation teams are leaders in escalator maintenance and comply with the latest technical standards.

Univision’s 3D Floor Posters are based strictly on your company’s or your client’s corporate and brand identity. Our main priority is for your brand to be identifiable within a split second. Special materials exist for both indoor and outdoor use in all sizes..

3D Floor Posters dramatically increase brand awareness and are proven to increase sales figures.



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Ahmad Shehadeh

Profit is important and it can be easily identified, but to have a dream, to have a vision, work for it, and achieve it, that gives a soul satisfaction; that can give a feeling that cannot be described in any language, ours is a young company but we dream big, so we are ready to try even seemingly impossible ideas, because we know success taste is so great.
Our company is not a one man show, so we managed to have a professional team, a loyal team that cares about the company, a team that believed in us, a team that we together believes that the sky is the limit, a team that made the work environment a beautiful place to work, a team that am proud to be part of.
We see ourselves belonging to the future where we will drive the market, but to be a leader on what we do, we should have a solid base, a strategy, and the most important to be human with all of what this word means; we take our strengths from our respectful shareholders, our unique products & services, and our team spirit; our strategy priority in the early stages is to keep running our business at the highest possible standard so we can impress ourselves before impressing our clients, and to position our business for a sustainable long-term growth; and as company and employees, we learned to treat others just the way we want others to treat us.
We see ourselves going on the right direction, market is tough and challenges are there, but with planning and hardworking, we can face any challenge.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all who supported us and made this happen, I’m looking forward for your support and co-operation, and we from our side will keep our words and commitments.
Thank you
Ahmad Shehadeh
Chief Executive Officer


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